Municipal Tax Appeals

The Balaban Law Firm provides clients with assistance in preparing a Municipal Tax Appeal.

Are you paying too much real estate tax or personal property tax?

As the real estate market has taken a downturn, many property owners are probably concerned about the effect that their home values may have on their local real estate taxes. A property owner is also likely to be interested in a potential remedy if his or her property is overassessed. In Connecticut, real property taxes are determined at the local municipal level and are based on home values as of a certain date.

Connecticut municipalities are required by statute to revalue property for purposes of taxation every five years in an attempt to keep the tax burden uniform and fair, and account for market fluctuations. Connecticut statutes require that every property be assessed at 70 percent of its fair market value as of the revaluation date. A higher value on your property will result in a higher tax.

Municipal tax assessors can make mistakes which result in erroneously high tax assessments, causing unfairly high taxes. Every Connecticut property owner and business owner should carefully examine the tax assessment of his or her property, and consult a tax attorney if that property assessment appears too high. The Balaban Law Firm can represent you if you are paying too much real estate tax or personal property tax to your Connecticut city or town due to an unfairly high valuation of your real estate or personal property.

If a taxpayer wishes to challenge his or her property assessment in a revaluation year, it is especially important to appear before the Board in the initial year of the revaluation. Though a taxpayer may appeal to the Board in any given year, appealing an assessment in a revaluation year allows the taxpayer to challenge all five years in the revaluation cycle, and therefore, it allows the taxpayer to maximize the potential tax savings.

Taxpayers should make the best presentation possible to the Board, with the hope of obtaining a favorable decision and avoiding the time and expense of an appeal to Superior Court. Additionally, some tax appeals simply do not involve enough money to justify a trip to the Superior Court, which makes the quality of the presentation to the Board even more important.

The statutory real property tax appeal scheme is complicated and it has procedural and other traps for the unwary property owner. The Balaban Law Firm can negotiate with the Office of the Tax Assessor, file and pursue an appeal with the local Board of Tax Review and, if necessary, file and litigate a tax appeal in the Connecticut Superior Court in an effort to represent you at every stage of the process to reduce your tax assessment to a fair level under the law. They are thoroughly familiar with the Municipal Tax Appeal process and can help you get fair treatment for your property taxes.