Effective Child Custody Representation

Child custody matters can be some of the most difficult to resolve. Everyone has very specific ideas regarding the raising of their children. Further, no one ever wants to damage their relationship with their child or put them in a difficult situation. There is a high potential for intractable conflict and, as such, child custody issues need to be intelligently navigated to avoid disputes that could harm everyone in the long run while giving no one what they actually want.

At The Balaban Law Firm, our lawyers assist with a wide range of child-related family law issues, including:

  • Initial custody orders — as part of divorce or with unmarried parents
  • Post-judgment orders (modifications)
  • Relocation
  • Contempt/enforcement

Serving Your Needs And The Best Interests Of Your Child

Our firm focuses on protecting the best interests of the children in all of these matters. We believe that when we do that, everything else falls into place, including child support and other matters.

Helping Unmarried Parents With Child Custody Issues

For unmarried parents, the path toward resolving child custody issues is somewhat different. The question of paternity needs to be resolved either through a DNA test or through a certificate/affidavit where the father admits paternity. Once that question is resolved, The Balaban Law Firm has vast experience in resolving all child-related issues, including child custody, visitation and child support.

Helping Our Clients Protect Their Relationships With Their Children

At The Balaban Law Firm, we know how difficult it can be to have a judge making decisions about your relationship with your child. That is part of why we give our clients our cell phone numbers. We want to be accessible to our clients when they need us. Beyond accessibility, our attorneys offer our clients decades of experience that allows us to present the highly effective cases our clients need. Our goal is to create a resolution for you that will serve you and your child for years to come.

We Will Look Out For Your And Your Children's Best Interests

When something as important as child custody is being decided, turn to The Balaban Law Firm. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 860-613-5231 or contact us online. Located in Middletown, Connecticut, we help clients throughout Middlesex County and other neighboring towns.